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Nuclear Radiation Decontamination Solutions for Emergency and First Responders

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 Offering a complete line of Radiation Decontamination Solutions in Bulk and Kit form

Radiation Decontamination RDS is a nuclear technology solutions company specializing in the decontamination of radioactive surfaces including: commercial, nuclear power plants, homeland security, emergency, and first responder applications.


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Custom Executive Kits

The NEW Nuclear Survival Kit is the same as the Emergency RadDecon Kit™ with 4 newly added products (An accurate and reliable detection meter, face masks,
” Iosat” KI pills, and Tongs).  It contains the world's most effective and safest solution for radiation decontamination of radioactive surfaces including human skin. This kit was developed to fill the need for increased survivability after any type of nuclear event, whether a power plant melt down, a nuclear blast, or a dirty bomb.
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A Revolutionary Scientific Product for Radiation Decontamination. Now, scientifically-formulated products used by nuclear power plants and nuclear waste facilities are available to emergency, first responders and the general public.
  For the first time, using one easy Emergency RadDecon Kit™, you can safely, quickly, and significantly remove radioactive material from yourself and from other surfaces.  
  Decontaminate yourself, your family, and your important possessions in the event of a radiation emergency.  


Special Emergency Raddecon Kits for Nuclear Pharmacies.


Radiation Decontamination Solutions (RDS) is a nuclear technology solutions company specializing in the decontamination of radioactive surfaces. We also provide engineering clean-up services based on our proprietary radionuclide ion-specific decontamination solutions.

RDS solves radiological decontamination problems through the use of our proprietary, patent pending, water based-solutions. Our revolutionary technology removes radioactive contamination to acceptable levels within minutes with no negative environmental implications.

There are no similar, cost-effective first responder products with the proven efficacy and methods of application of RDS solutions, decontaminants, and engineering services.


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